Capouch Livestock has also been producing excellent quality feeder lambs for over 10 years!  Every Fall we have been able to offer 300 – 400 all natural feeder lambs for sale.  We also offer top quality replacement ewe lambs for anyone desiring to start their own flock, or to add to your existing flock,  this is an excellent opportunity to purchase from a very reputable flock.  This is a closed flock with no issues with Scrapies or footrot.

Our main objective being to produce an all around healthy, growthy, well balanced lamb.  Our lambs consist of three way crosses — Rambouillet (for wool quality) — Dorset (excellent mothering, milking, and muscling) and — Suffolk ( to add the extra height and length for superior growth potential).

We lamb in May and June in order to provide the ewes the best quality grasses and conditions possible to enable us to lamb out on pasture.

Starting within 2 weeks of age, we dock tails, band the ram lambs and give Tetanus Antitoxin and their first round of CDT.  Within three weeks time after, they will receive their second round of CDT, be ear tagged with Scrape ID tags, and drenched for parasites.  With a very aggressive drenching program, we have been able to avoid the loss of animals and keep the flock clean of parasites.


Now is an excellent time to become a sheep producer, with the numbers at an all time low and the demand being stronger and stronger, the opportunity is there for anyone interested to devoting time and energy to raising excellent quality lambs.